Statocny is a brand for all women, created by women, and celebrates their stories. “Statocny” is the Slavic word for “Brave” and our vision is to create feminine designs that evoke empowering feelings of bravery, safety, and happiness as the wearers live life and “conquer the world” in their own unique way. 

I created Statocny to build on the hopes and dreams that grew from my humble beginning in Bogota, Colombia. From a very young age, I encountered obstacles in my life that made me the woman who I am today and fueled my passion to build a platform that empowers women. As a child, I had to overcome an unstable home, separation from family, living on the streets, and painful losses. Along the way, I heard some form “you can’t” countless times from people in my life, including family. Hearing some version of “You will not make it,” was something that I had to deal with daily. 

The immense challenge that women face and how those challenges can hurt us or make us stronger is how Statocny came to be. No matter how hard the road was, how many humiliations I endured, or how many nights on the street passed, I turned those experiences into a relentless passion to do something that tipped the scales in a positive way for other women. 

The Statocny experience captures the passion that I developed and the positive messages I repeated to myself to overcome the challenges on my journey. It is a brand for women that lifts us in every aspect of our existence. We ethically source every stage of our product as well as the path that it takes to get to you via a rigorous and continuous process that has one goal – empowering women! Statocny is for the women who create our quality garments, for the women who support our creative design, the women who model our new releases, and for the women who wear our outfits. 

When you put on a Statocny garment, you are part of a network of women that believes we can all do a little individually to achieve a lot together. I am confident and determined, but above all, a happy woman. You have one life. You do not have to be afraid and your success is possible no matter how many obstacles cross your path. Feel beautiful—you are unique and you do not need approval from ANYONE. If you are happy, that is what matters and you will transmit it back to others in your life. I invite you to be part of Statocny, a brand for you beautiful and secure women. Never, ever forget to let that empowered woman deep inside shine bright for the world to see.

– Camila Rodriguez

CEO, Statocny by Camila


Our Team



Hi, I'm Yulianis Galvao, I'm a fashion designer and founder of the company Antonella Design and Clothing. Our company makes complete packages and not only do we make clothing, we also have social work where we focus on helping mothers who are heads of households to generate income from their homes so that they are not forced to neglect the care of their children.


We were established in 2014 because when my son was born, the working hours were long and I could not keep up with his care. And so, I decided to resign from my job and take charge of making this dream come true, helping other mothers like me to spend more time with their children.

We are still growing, with a goal to create a company with a school and nursery, because a happy mother who is certain that her children are doing well is an excellent employee or employer.